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Togness - Branding Case Study.

New to the slideshow scene, Togness was ready to hit the ground running. They wanted to become the leading slideshow app in the market. However, they didn't want to be just another slideshow app, they wanted to be THE slideshow app. Which is where Mäd came in. They knew that we don't like conventional methods, and they wanted to stand out. It was a perfect match.

                              Togetherness and tenderness - Togness

When Togness approached Mäd, they had only their name and an idea of something they wanted to share with the world. However, they had no visual identity or a clear design direction, as well as no product to offer. They were trusting us to help them make their dream a reality! It was up to us to create and develop their vision. They wanted a brand that would stand out from the rest of the slideshow apps, where they mostly had a generic “play button” logo, they wanted to have more identity and personality than that.

What We Had To Work With

The Togness team had a few things at their disposal when they approached us. Firstly, they had their name and what it stood for. They also had an idea of the different slide services they wanted to have, in order to fully reach every part of their user’s life. These services were separated into four:

  • Togness
  • Togness Wedding
  • Togness Pet
  • Togness Funeral.

The Challenges

Business strategy - There was nothing to base our designs and sketches to, just the name and the idea of the service. This meant that it was really an effort from the ground up for not only the design and development teams, but also to the key stakeholders in the project in finding out much of the strategic business plan for the company as the project continued. Basing many of the designs together with business strategic decisions in order for them to work seamlessly together into the user experience. This added another layer of complexity to the project, but not something unheard of.

Online Design Sprint - There was one obstacle that we had never done when doing this kind of project, which was work between us and the client using an online platform. Therefore, we initiated efforts to start our very first online interactive design sprint. This meant training and implementing the new software into the design sprint. Which added to the timeline and lowered the impact of a true personal meeting.

RealTime Board - Online Design Sprint

Design sprints are generally quite straightforward and time-consuming, but the main reason they work is that everyone is focused in on the same objective and in the same room. However, in this case, it wasn't the same room. Our designers used a team collaboration software program called Realtime Board, which allowed the project to be done online. Unfortunately, this new approach came with a few downsides to it.

For example, one part of the design sprint had to be done internally and without the client’s input due to them not being on-site and available and this part not being fully functional in an online setting. Another issue was that in order to be able to use the team collaboration platform, there was training needed for both team members as well as the key stakeholders from Togness.

As the Togness team was located in Australia, the first ever Online Mäd Design Sprint was done. Having found a software that allowed us to do this, the design team and Togness key stakeholders buckled down to tackle the branding in two intense days. Just like in a normal sprint, there was a day for each part of the sprint, as well as all the physical elements such as post-its, voting stickers, and lots of white space to fill in, just in another form.

What it looked like

The Mäd Approach - What we did

Before the design for the logo could start, the brand had to have a defined personality. So, our design team along with Togness key stakeholders voted on what this would be using a branding pyramid.

Brand Essence

Togness main brand essences are “Your Life” and “Your Story”. Through Togness brand essence, we want to embed the audiences with the feeling of importance, valued and loved.

The goal was to make Togness not be viewed as a typical business-oriented slideshow app, but viewed as an innovative platform that allows people to preserve their life, story, and memory through images and videos. We want to make it feel personal and to assure them that we understand how important their life story and memories are.
                                             “We care about your life story.”

Brand Personality

As a person, Togness would be a delightful, friendly, and positive female figure
who always brings joy to everyone and sees the good in everything. She’s also mature, classy, and sophisticated with an appreciation for good wine, food, culture, and art. Being around her makes people feel empowered. She’s, without a doubt, a helpful person who is always there when others need a hand.

Emotional Benefits

Togness makes its users feel satisfied, understood, emotional, warmth and comfort, excited and loved every step of the way and at every interaction with the brand while creating their story.

Functional Attributes

It answers the question, “what does the Togness brand provide?”Togness’ functional attributes are transparency, trust, passion, clarity, and ease of use.

Brand directions:

After the steps from the branding pyramid were identified, this gave way to the creation of the brand and the logo, in which the design team took in two different possible directions.

Direction 1

This direction plays with the negative space by disassembling the top part of the letter “T” and replacing it with a circle. The circle is a universal symbol that represents wholeness and a natural sense of completeness and togetherness, as well as strong relationship bonds and ties.

The bottom half of the logo is portrayed as being folded into the shape of a letter “T” resembling the experience of you reading the book and have the edge of the page, where you found the most interesting or touched you the most, folded. Similarly, Togness is used to bookmark the memories in your life that mean most to you.
Logos are directions 1.1 and 1.2 accordingly.

Direction 2

This direction incorporated the element of the letter “T” from direction 1. The letter T is surrounded by the big circle that symbolize a clock. The clock represents the time that is ticking off every seconds and passing by leaving us with memories. The 4 tiny circles that completed the big clock are the 4 main functional attributes that Togness stands for - Trust, Transparency, Passionate, and Clear/Simple.
Logos are direction 2.1 and 2.2 accordingly.

As direction 2.2 was chosen, the next step was to pick a color for Togness and its sub-brands.

Logo color suggested by Mäd was also the one picked

Other Services Logo and Color
Direction 1 (chosen direction)

Direction 2

Togness Mobile app

Business cards

Brand Execution Guidelines


All visuals and imagery that are used to communicate Togness’ message should be in high quality and have a subtle tone.

• Have clear crisp colors
• Communicates positivity
• Overly dark images
• Harsh lighting
• Dull or communicates negativity
• Low quality - blurry or fuzzy

Tone of Voice

The way we write and the words we use are essential to how the audience sees us. The following are the characteristics of Togness' communications.

Art Direction

Togness' social media content strikes the right balance between photography and illustration. While we want Togness' to be seen as a fun and appealing brand, we take your memories and life stories seriously.

The next image shows some templates of the mood and feel of each Verticals’ social media post.

Alejandro Berger

Alejandro Berger

Alejandro is Mäd's very own Content Development Manager. Originally from Chile, he studied in Minnesota, USA and then lived in places like New York City, London, and Hannover.

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Togness - Branding Case Study.
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