Our Sales Process.

At Mäd, we want to work with the best as well as produce the best. In order to achieve this, we have to start where it all begins, our sales process. Our sales process is quite simple and can be simplified into 6 steps:

  1. Getting to know each other
  2. Client-Agency Fit Review
  3. Understanding what needs to be done and timelines
  4. Agreeing on an engagement model
  5. Establishing a kick-off date
  6. Kick ass

By passing each of these steps, it ensures both the client and ourselves that this project will be successful and positive for everyone involved. So let's look closer into each step

Getting To Know Each Other.

There are three steps we take to getting to know each other.

How we work - It is very important to us that our prospective clients are aware of how we work and how Mäd operates in general, because we are not “normal”. We have an open culture that values personal freedom, an entrepreneurial spirit, and growth, with this we are able to attract the best possible talent and therefore allowing us to offer an ever-increasing high-quality standard work to our clients. We also have a very open and transparent with our information both internally as well as externally.

Credentials deck - We have a credentials deck that allows us to showcase past experiences and projects with the basic information which we need to show each prospective client. This cred deck is usually sent before the initial meeting to open the way for a more open conversation, with inquiries and concerns if any, once the initial meeting has started.

Initial “Shut up and listen” meeting - The first meeting we have is where we shut up and listen to the prospective client. We do this to get a better idea of what they would like and what they would need from us, whether it is branding, business strategy, website, or even a mobile app. This meeting is also a place where any questions regarding our credentials deck, working practices, and anything else that might be on their mind is answered.

Client-Agency Fit Review.

This is an internal step in which we review the real possibility of working with the prospective client. We look at several different aspects that can affect this from a personal perspective as well as a business perspective. The main reason for this is that not every perspective client will be a good fit for us, and vice versa!

Understanding What Needs To Be Done and Timelines.

We need to be sure of what needs to be done and make sure we can provide our best work. This is why, in order to fully know this, we provide a basic Scope of Work within a short form proposal

  • Scope of work (short form proposal) - The short form proposal is where we state what the high-level problems are that the prospect has and what we would do to solve them. After this is stated, we would state the general scope of work and the timelines associated with each step of the process. General pricing can also be included in this step.

Agreeing On The Engagement Model.

Finalizing the scope of work is then done in a long form proposal that is a document which is sent back and forth with final comments and specifications until it is fully accepted by both parties. These proposals usually go until version 3.0 in most of the cases.

  • Long form proposal - Is a long document around 60-120 pages that includes all the necesary deliverables, timelines, and other important information necessary to finalize a deal, including the legal agreement.

Establish Kick-off Date.

This is (almost) final step is to establish the kick off date for the project. This means getting together all the key stakeholders of the project and going through the finalized proposal, timelines and all other important steps. After this meeting, the wheels start turning and there’s no turning back (pun very much intended!)

Kick Ass.

As the name of this step explains in very plain English, we start to kick ass. We get the project started and always make sure we are on track!

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Kit Teguh, Emanuele Faja

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    Kit Teguh

    Digital Strategy @ Mäd. Spending more than half his life in Asia, Kit brings the local knowledge to the team. Believing that there is always much to learn, he instills a learning attitude in Mäd.

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    Emanuele Faja

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Our Sales Process.
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