mäd.com v2.

As 2017 opens, Mäd launches it’s latest redesign of the www.mäd.com, featuring a completely new typography system and information architecture.

The main driver for the redesign is that Mäd has become a multi-faceted organisation, and we needed an online presence that better reflected who we areand what we do. We’ve expanded from a software company to a full blown creative consultancy, but online we actually looked more like a graphic design company.

That’s now changed. Our Case Studies now reflect the variety of work we do for all our clients, and we’ve fleshed out our about page to make it even more informative, and let’s not forget that now our contact page sports three office addresses instead of one. :)

In addition, we’ve decided to make our website a showcase for fast web technologies, and we will be releasing a case study shortly to reveal all the tricks that we used to make our website blazing fast.

Our In-Process Work.


A Few Screens from the redesign.

Beautiful full-page images for case studies.


Stunning greyscale map, with the two new office addresses!


Our latest Instagram posts, updated hourly on our About page.

Thoughtful user experience: scroll down animations hints on full page images.


Next Steps…

Of course, this for us is merely the beginning. In the coming weeks, you can expect a steady state of improvements including the launch of our official blog, and dozens of new case studies to reflect our latest work.

This whole project took three weeks from inception to go-live, and shows just how quickly things can get done when there is a clear vision, tight teamwork, and lots of content!

Enjoy browsing!

Emanuele Faja

Emanuele Faja

CEO at Mäd. Emanuele brings on board a passion for minimalist Italian design and a 21st-century management approach. He consistently helps clients create and maintain market leader positions.

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mäd.com v2.
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