Mäd Mondays: A Recap.

It was initially just a box on the 'wish list' that we had for the Mäd brand until we took that leap of faith and rolled it out.

No-frills, simple, straightforward. Mäd Monday launched as monthly casual gathering among industry peers to share ideas, experiences and points of view under the broad banner of business, technology, and design. Networking was an inevitable offshoot.

Mäd Monday's maiden launch was amply attended by our colleagues from Pipay, Cambodia Brewery Limited (CBL), MyPhsar, Prudential, IT Academy STEP, PayGo Southeast Asia, and DMI to name a few.




Its first evening was headlined by two leading industry players. Achharya 'Archie' Tep, formerly of ABA Bank, new Head of User Experience Design at Mäd, opened the evening explaining the difference between design thinking and design sprints.



Tomas Pokorny, Pipay CEO and Mäd's longstanding client, rounded out the evening with his views on design as a business differentiator from a philosophical/business perspective.



For the second Mäd Monday run, we chose three speakers to share their perspectives on business or product prioritization.

Attendance was dampened somewhat by torrential rains that evening but we went ahead nonetheless.

Mike Ivanov, PayGo Southeast Asia's General Manager, shared on PayGo's approach on product development and prioritizing product hypothesis.


Nataly Rodionova, Managing Director of IT Academy STEP Cambodia, spoke about her experience in Cambodia on how to transform chaos into a working system.


Rounding out the evening was our own Mäd CEO, Emanuele Faja, who shared his thoughts on prioritization in leadership, inspired by author Jim Schleckser's book, Great CEO's Are Lazy.


Erika Valera

Erika Valera

Chief Culture Officer @ Mäd. A background in MarComms, recruitment, internal brand, and people matters allows her to find ways to make things work efficiently and aligned with the Mäd brand.

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Mäd Mondays: A Recap.
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