Get Paid To Give a Shit About The Details. Work, Learn, Sleep, Repeat.

Want to work for a company that cuts out the crap, and gives you incredible challenges? Welcome to Mäd.

"Being relaxed about non-essentials (when you come in or leave, what you wear, from where you work) belies the fact that we focus on performance and professionalism. Mäd is a high-freedom environment that runs on a great deal of self-management, responsibility, and accountability."
Erika Valera. Chief Culture Officer.

Dictionary Definition of Mad.

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If Points 5 & 6 sound like you, then you should probably keep reading.

This Isn't School.

When we started, we decided that we were going to throw the rulebook out of the window. We never ended up writing a new one (although we wrote some guidelines), and so things work a little differently at Mäd than most companies out there.

We believe in trust and common sense instead of rules and regulations, and also that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

We’re an extremely results-focussed team, and we expect the highest quality from every individual.

Hear It From The Team.

I believe a team is only as good as the people in it. And I think at Mäd, we have a very dynamic, collaborative and FUN team! Everyone is just so ready to lend a helping hand whenever I need one. While delivering the result is crucial, there is also a lot of room for discovery, explorations and experimentations, and that really empowers me to be curious, to fail quickly and grow.
Por. UX Designer

Working in a place that offers interesting, rewarding and meaningful work is important for any job. But top this off with an inspirational team, great benefits, and a fun work environment is what makes working with Mäd extra special. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Mäd team, and the constant opportunities to learn and grow.
Kieran. UI Designer & Front-End Developer.

Being part of an international environment that doesn’t care when you come to work, but how you deliver is what I call professional and I’m glad to be here! I get to experience ‘real world’ development while learning from expert developers - doing something bad-ass and to create what I would call awesomeness.
Phanha. Product Developer.

Give It A Shot.

Mäd is aggressively growing. We’re looking for really awesome people to join our team. Agency experience is preferable, but the main requirements are the ability to focus, find creative solutions to unusual problems, and enjoy working in an environment where you won’t be the smartest person in the room.

Go for it -->

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