Mäd was tasked with creating the branding framework for a cool (excuse the pun!) new software startup called Blue.

Blue’s mission is to help teams all over the world work better, together. They do this by creating beautiful, functional collaboration and teamwork software, that is as easy as WhatsApp to use, but as powerful as leading products such as Asana.

There are several core elements to branding software. We developed the following:

  • The logotype
  • The color scheme
  • The iconography
  • The marketing website and blog
  • The tagline
  • Presentation templates

The Logotype

We choose the font Harabara as it was a perfect match for “Ubuntu”, a popular font that was going to be used throughout the software, and it also nicely calls to the rounded corners and curves found through out the user interface.

The Color Scheme

There was never going to be an argument about what the main color of the brand was going to be. Of course, which shade of Blue to pick was very important, and also developing a complimentary suite of colors that can be used as required.

The Iconography

We created a clean and fun iconographical style to fit into the marketing materials and the website. Each icon has a close connotation to one of the key features or value propositions of the software.


The Marketing Website

The home page lives and breathes the brand.

Behold, a Blue background, and the tagline and mission statement up front and center, as well as a screenshot of the product homepage.

We kept the navigation simple, with just the key information required and a clear button that calls attention to the Sign Up functionality.

The rest of the navigation was relegated to the footer, where more engaged prospects can dig into the the website.

The pricing page is always key, and we make it instantly clear how much the product costs.

We enabled customers wishing to take a free trial the ability to do so from any page with an elegant combination of the Sign Up and Sign In functionality with a modal window.

The Blog

It is important that all resources go towards building customer value so we opted to build Blue’s blog on the Medium.com platform.

This ensures that zero engineering resources would be spent on building and maintaining the blog, which will be a key factor in customer acquisition in the coming years.

Product Mockups.

One of the keys to a successful startup is sales. We developed some beautifully keynote templates to ensure that presentations can be created on-the-fly that respect the Blue brand. This included creating mockups for the product.

Emanuele Faja

Emanuele Faja

CEO at Mäd. Emanuele brings on board a passion for minimalist Italian design and a 21st-century management approach. He consistently helps clients create and maintain market leader positions.

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